The Lodestone Innovation Team

We draw from multiple industries and experiences to bring new ideas and perspectives, grounded by people who have actually run businesses.

Want to know who we are?  These principles guide our business.

Boxless Creativity

We keep our minds open to possibility. The best innovation starts with better ideas.

Fearless Honesty

Truth is clarity and it leads to better ideas and results. Count on it from us.

Everyone is an Owner

Regardless of the role, each person has something valuable to add.

Continual Learning

Failure is part of the process. Smart experimentation leads to better investments.

Embrace Diversity

The broader the perspective, the better the solutions. A great idea can come from anywhere.

Innovation. Branding. Collaborative Consulting.

Lodestone Innovation: Experience for every step of the innovation journey.

A 30 minute conversation could be the best investment you've made in your business this year.