Based on when Covid-19 Cases Peak

The Conference Board has projected three economic scenarios based on when COVID-19 cases peak. As an optimist, I’ll take option one, the “May Reboot”, but we of course need to be prepared for any of the them.

The model looks at the impact and recovery nationally, but presumably there will be region to region variations due to underlying economic differences and the approaches to quarantine policies and requirements each state/city takes. Either way, it’s worth consideration. Here’s the link below.

While these projections are painful, we all know that we will get through this. The ultimate question is ‘how different is the new normal?’ Once your plans are in place for survival, it’s time for planning what’s next. Remember that times of great disruption also create tremendous opportunity. It’s important to put innovative minds to work so that ‘the other side’ is also the ‘upside’ for your organization.

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