Huh ... That's Interesting

I’m kicking off an occasional “series” of posts I’m calling “Huh…that’s interesting.” The idea behind this is to share odd tidbits and stories that spark a thought or contrarian view. I’ll pay off each tidbit with a “What if”. So, here we go….

Huh…that’s interesting…
For the past couple weeks I’ve been reading about the possible benefits of the TB vaccine BCG. I’ve shared a nice Fast Company summary below. Interestingly, the 100-year old vaccine is not a cure for COVID-19, but seems to help build the immune system making us less susceptible to respiratory viruses in general.

WHAT IF…we go back to broadly vaccinating everyone with the BCG vaccine to provide more anti-respiratory virus benefits (study needed, of course). Would that be worth it?

If you want to dig deeper into this, here are a couple other good articles: