Llamas Can Help Us Get Better

Here’s an idea that might make llamas an even bigger rage: llama antibodies might prove to be a key weapon in the COVID battle says some research published in the journal Cell looking at using llama antibodies to fight COVID-19. It turns out llama’s produce a couple different kinds of antibodies. One of these is particularly well suited to combat coronavirus, better than human antibodies. The llama antibodies may be able to reduce susceptibility to COVID. While more research needs to be done, I love the fresh thinking detailed in the article below from Health.com.

The potential for preventing or minimizing the severity of COVID-19, as is the case with the TB vaccine I’ve highlighted before, is almost always a healthier, cheaper way to go than remediation. Given there is a chance we may not find a preventative vaccine for COVID (remember, we still don’t have one for the common cold, sometimes caused by a coronavirus), finding strategies for minimizing the severity and susceptibility for COVID may be the best option.

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