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Psychology of a Crisis

by Braintrust2023 | April 3, 2020 | Categories: General,

Psychology of a Crisis

During this time, I have found myself digging into the phases and social dynamics of crises and disasters. There is a lot of interesting work out there.

I bring this up since I came across a very useful playbook from the CDC specific to communications during disasters. They highlight key principles for communication during all the phases of a crisis.

During the initial phase, which is the phase we are in now, the following principles are important:
· Don’t over-reassure.
· Acknowledge uncertainty.
· Emphasize that a process is in place to learn more.
· Be consistent in providing messages.

As I see it, these principles apply to ANY leader of an organization at this point in time. So, whether you are the CEO or a team leader, keep these in mind as you communicate with your people.

Here is the link to the full playbook if you want to learn more:

Be safe and stay healthy.

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