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When innovation teams and business units compete, it slows down innovation.

by Braintrust2023 | September 14, 2023 | Categories: General,

When innovation teams and business units compete, it slows down innovation.

By Cor Bosselaar

Problem to be Solved: Innovation teams and business units ‘compete’ with each other in ways that slow down innovation and make success spotty at best.

Solution: Multi-cultural conflict resolution

Yes, you read it right. Only, this is a cultural conflict within, not the social sort. When organizations don’t align from top to bottom, share the same language, and lines of authority, it’s no surprise that innovation efforts get off track, require more meetings for clarity and conflict resolution, and ultimately, higher and higher levels of authority to engage in lower and lower levels of decision-making.

The best innovators connect from top to bottom in the same lexicon, grounding themselves in streamlined data and prioritization, and finally, having clear decision-making points and authority.  Of course, it sounds easier than it is. Don’t think you are alone. We’ve been frustrated ourselves, sometimes without the time to define which of these issues are getting the organization off track.

An outside perspective is fresh, unencumbered, and laden with successful solutions to identify the needs or create the team with the skills and talent to right the ship. That’s when experience pays off.

By Cor Bosselaar

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